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Summit: Session 4 Part 2


from Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2008: Session 4 Part 2, Efrem Smith, Sanctuary Covenant Church, Leading in New Cultural Realities We live in a divided, multi-racial world.  All of us who are leaders must be willing to lead out in this increasingly multi-ethnic, multicultural world.

We must become loving leaders.

  • In order to lead in this every increasing multicultural world, we must become a "beloved leader."  MLK Jr. used the phrase, "The beloved community" to talk about a life lived across racial lines.  You can't have a beloved community without beloved leaders.  We become a beloved leaders when we allow God's love to come in us and flow through us to lead in a multicultural world. 
  • "Justice comes when God comes back, but until then, it's just us." -- a friend from Texas
  • Who loves across race like God?

We must become abiding leaders.

  • We need to abide in something greater than us.
  • Some of us have not stepped out as multiethnic leaders because we don't feel qualified.  That's an excuse.  God's in the business of recruiting unqualified leaders.
  • This is no time for empire building.  This is a time to "dwell" or "abide" with the people.
  • "Sometimes we have to stop dreaming about church buildings and start thinking about transformation."

We must become confessing leaders.

  • We have to confess where we've gotten it wrong.  We have to be willing to say, "My bad."
  • "When high pressure collides with low pressure, it creates a storm.  One of the reasons we have such storms in racial tension in our world is because the high pressure of what God wants to do is hitting the low pressure of what we'd rather do."
  • There is no place in the world anymore where you can segregate but in the church.

We must become perfecting leaders.


  • We must do it organically in real communities.  Organic gatherings.  "If you can have a multi-ethnic potluck in Minnesota, you can certainly do it in Bangaldesh."
  • Youth development and empowerment.
  • We have to deal with systemic issues.

We must engage a multicultural, multiethnic, multicultural world.  Almost nowhere in the world would anyone speak against that anymore.  What's wrong with the church?  What if we actually did something about the system and the ethos that created the system of segregated churches and did something that was socially innovative and gave a little picture of heaven?

My battery is dead... so I have sign off.  Until tomorrow...

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