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David Platt at Urbana 2012


Urbana is an incredible missions conference for college students originally held on the campus of the University of Illinois and put on by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - one of my favorite organizations. My wife and I attended this conference long ago, and it impact us for life. Though at the time we thought we would be "goers" to Africa and China respectively, we ended up being "senders" and "supporters" instead. The impact this conference has had on our life and commitment to missions is still inestimable. The conference happens every three years, and if you can send a college student, you won't be sorry. Save some money over the next two years and send someone that you sense God is prompting. If you haven't seen David Platt's talk from Urbana this year, I would encourage you to watch it. However, as a friend of mine said, "WARNING....Don't watch this unless you want your life to change drastically..." PS... if you have not yet read "Radical" or "Radical Together" by David Platt, I would also encourage these books at seminal reading in personal missional thinking and drive towards action.

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Art Conference


Ok, so you missed it.  So did I.  Somehow, I didn't know about this, but it looks very good.  It's supported by some people I know and respect like Andy Crouch of the Christian Vision Project (an organization I keep up on), Gordon Fee of Regent (read a lot of his stuff), Jeremy Begbie from Cambridge (read some of his stuff), Eugene Peterson (read almost all of his stuff), Ben Patterson from Westmont (used to pray with him ocassionally when he was at Hope College), Barbara Nicolosi from Act One (introduced by a friend of mine in the film industry), Luci Shaw (favorite poet of mine for over a decade), Alison Siewart (met her at Urbana years ago), and many more.  I'm encouraged to see more interaction in the realm of the arts.  Since I left UofM, I've been a little more disconnected from artists than I'd like, and hope to have some reconnection soon. Here's a short video with David Taylor as a preview to the conference:

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