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The Future of Evangelicalism 3


Continuing the discussion from my last post on this subject, this post continues to try to "locate us" as evangelicals.  Below, I've listed a number of historical documents that represent a diversity of contemporary evangelical affirmations helpful in further articulating our faith for today.  I can pretty much affirm all these statements, even if I might favor some over others, and not necessarily agree with all the nuances or interpret everything the same way as others.  In general, though, I find these documents very helpful in outlining what I would call the contours of evangelicalism: • The Lausanne Covenant (1977) • The Manilla Manifesto (1984) • The faith statement of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals • The faith statement of the National Association of Evangelicals • The Gospel of Jesus Christ: an Evangelical Celebration (1999) • The Amsterdam Declaration (2000)

If you know of other statements like these, I'd like to see them.  I'm not actually, though, very interested in statements of individual organizations as much as statements like these which seek to draw together in unity many who would self-define as evangelicals. 

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