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RCA Synod: Wes Granberg-Michaelson


Wes Grandberg-Michaelson The General Secretary's report tonight is great (still happening).  I couldn't log into my blog, so I wasn't able to type while he was talking and hit some very pregnant ideas and powerful challenges.  However, couple things...

  • Wes started by talking about Gordon Cosby, the Church of the Savior, and Potter's house.  I was at COS and Potter's house this spring, and it has had a profound effect on my own life, particularly in thinking missionally, about ministry to those on the lowest rung, about God's care for the poor, and about the necessary connection between an evangelical and missional identity that seeks to live out the missio dei to the lost and the broken and all God's people.
  • Wes was nails about the importance of discipleship, and particularly how the inward journey has and will lead to the outward journey - the deep effects of transformation which we have seen in the RCA in revitalization and multiplication.  Discipleship is a foundation.  "Be one... make one..."  Importantly, Wes said that this is not about saving the RCA for the future, but about reaching the world for Christ.
  • Wes spoke powerful and passionately about the Sankofa (see here and here).  A powerful statement was that as a denomination, we must take a Sankofa journey together.
  • Wes advocated for the approval of the Belhar as historic.
  • Spoke about the Mobilization to End Poverty and in particular the speech by Richard Stearns from World Vision.
  • Spoke about Christian Churches Together
  • Awesome!!  The Gospel that brings evangelical passion and social justice together.   Bam.  That's what I've been waiting for and believing in.  I'll post later about this and Gordon Cosby.  Remind me if I don't.  It matters. (You've read my passion about the holistic gospel if you've read my blog).
  • Spoke about the Dominican Reformed Church just recently organized as a denomination.  I met two of these pastors today... they're in my advisory committee.  Awesome pastors hearts.

Paraphrased statements:

  • "Living water is what Jesus offered to the Samaritan women.  Living water is what our culture needs today."
  • "We need to learn to shout the gospel with our lives.  That will inspire new and radical forms of discipleship."

Closing Pastoral Plea:  "Let us embrace the whole gospel, wiht our whole lives, for the whole world.  Let us commit, from the depths of our hearts, to be disciples of Jesus Christ."

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