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Jessica Jackley: KIVA - a Leadership Case Study


I'm not going to write much on this interview, even though Jessica Jackley was great.  She was very articulate and is clearly passionate.  Some of the best things at the Summit are these interviews, particularly with younger women who have done some extraordinary things (cf. one of my favorites, Catherine Rohr last year).  I think it's awesome that Willow highlights young woman and gets behind their leadership at least in this way.  I'd like to see some more women keynote speakers, and not necessarily your standard Nancy Ortberg and Lynn Hybels (even though I like them.) I just think we have a lot to learn from some of the emerging young female leaders in the church today. Also, just want to say that KIVA highlighted in Jessica's talk is great, and micro-financing and micro-loans in particular is something that has taken far too long for the church to take notice  (I remember hearing first about these back at an Urbana Conference sometime possibly in '99 or '01) This is one of the best ways to get at financial and justice issues in terms of poverty and development globally that really doesn't fit in either the category of trade or aid (the big debate in development).

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