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Leader to Leader - Jack Welch


Candor:  Walsh is one who deeply values candor, honesty, and authenticity.  One thing that was helpful here was that Walsh said something like, "Let's not waste time having meetings to decide what we're going to say.  We're just going to say what we believe."

Differentiation:  At GM, employees were divided into the top 20%, the vital 70%, and then the 10% who needed to have something done with them immediately.  You can't have a differentiating organization without having candor at the core of the organization.  People need to know how they are doing, what to change, and where they stand.  Walsh would say that this is not a heartless approach to people.  In fact, he would say it's the most compassionate because everyone knows where they stand.

  • Top "A" people, or the 20% are filled with energy, they are likeable and infections, they're good people, and they love to see people grow.  They aren't afraid to have great people around them.  They're not mean-spirited or envious, but have a generosity of spirit.
  • The Vital 70%, or "B" people are hard-working, but not necessarily as gifted as other people.
  • The Lower 10% are not energetic, acidic, a pain in the "arm", negative, boss-haters, disrupters, wet-blankets, antagonists.

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