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Dave Gibbons: Thinking Forward - Third Culture Leadership #tls09


These are some of my notes from the first part of the fifth session of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.  Thanks to Louis who helped me with this session while I answered a pager call.

Sometimes things aren't quite the way the appear to be.

Third culture is about adaptation.  Third culture is pain and discomfort because we interact with those who are different.  The Great Commandments are about third culture.

Third culture leaders go after the misfits more than the masses.

  • Your failure, your pain, is your platform to humanity, it is what the World connects to you on it is what gives quality to your voice for the generation to connect to you
  • Most of the world doesn’t understand America’s success, but they will understand suffering, maybe suffering is success
  • Do we set aside time to listen to people’s story?
  • Gifts are important and skills, but our narrative is key
  • Walk slowly, see the people
  • Do I see them?  Do I have the eyes of a follower?
  • Weakness will guide us more than our strengths
  • We often worry about how to quantify a vision... DON’T we already have a vision?  LOVE GOD LOVE NEIGHBOR
  • You can’t have great vision without a great relationship with God
  • Jesus only did what he saw his father doing (JOHN 5)
  • We need more relationaries not visionaries
  • People to walk for a while people to talk for a while, where you feel the vibe
  • Best discipleship happens with life on life not a process or program

Third culture leaders have a different set of metrics.

  • Hang out with people different than us
  • Read people different than us

Third culture leaders know that obedience is more important than passion.

4 Acts of Obedience of a Third Culture Leader

  1. Deeper Collaboration
  2. Communal LIving
  3. Prayer
  4. Radical sacrifice for the outsider

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