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Summit: Session 8


from Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2008: Session 8, Brad Anderson, Best Buy, An Uncompromising Focus on People In each person is a seed of greatness waiting to be grow.

Employee Engagement:  how do we let the uniqueness of the employee connect with the uniqueness of the customer.  If our employees are highly engaged, our customers are likely to have greater satisfaction.  Employee engagement increases all the other factors (customer satisfaction, sales, etc.) 

"If I'm not serving my employees, I really shouldn't be in this job."

We have an image of leadership in which we think we are going to get a lot of good feelings about ourselves.  True leaders get a higher fulfillment out of empowering others than about accomplishing something themselves.  How do you inspire employees?

Marcus Buckingham talks about the "destruction of human capital."  Those aren't neutral words.

The biggest part of the job is treating people as full human beings.  You can take people out of the fabric of the work.  Performance, numbers, results, processes are all connected to people.

In response to the question about how to motivate employees, Brad said he would ask, "How is the employee coding what they're doing?  What is the base out of which you lead from?  How healthy is it?  Do you see it as significant?  Do you believe in the core of the work?  This is key to ongoing satisfaction."  Financial incentives are powerful, but thin, or incomplete.  Financial incentives are the scoundrel's way out, leadershipwise.

ROWE – Results Oriented Work Environment (a new program Best Buy is testing)

  1. Company Value – your family comes first
  2. As long as you got your results done, no one is going to monitor where you are at 8am.  Tests show that this works.  The manager has to work harder because he has to keep a closer monitor on the work.

What are the narratives that are a part of the lives of great leaders?  What are the crucible events?  How are we narrating our lives and what story do we see ourselves living into?

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