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Andrew Rugisara: Aid vs. Trade #tls09


These are some of my notes from the second part of the fifth session of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Africa"?  HIV?  AIDS?  Poverty?
We need to change the the narrative, deconstruct the narrative about Africa.
  • "I see opportunity, a continent of 900 million people."
  • Trade is the only sustainable way to bring a community out of poverty
  • We need to trade our communities out of poverty
  • Africa contributes just 2% to world trade
  • Since 1970 Africa has received 400 billion from the US.
  • Countries will make Aid 40% of the national budget, thus undermining self-sustainability.
  • Africa  is a place of opprotunity, new markets
  • We don't want charity, we want market share
  • Aid was at its highest in 1995 and the GDP was at its lowest
  • Aid becomes a kind of remote control of african economy through aid
  • In the last 1o years, Aid has increased dramatically while GDP in Africa has decreased.  When Aid was the lowest, GDP was the highest and vice-versa.
  • Aid undermines accountability.
  • When Aid comes into the country, they reprioritize their focus on management of Aid rather than on development and self-sustenance.

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