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Sabbath & Sanctuary

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Sabbath & Sanctuary

Tom Elenbaas

Yesterday at South Harbor Church, I preached in our Juggling Elephants series about Sabbath and Sanctuary as God's prescribed antidotes to being Redlined and Unbalanced. I promised second service that I would post some really practical resources for those who might be wondering how to take some steps to real life change from the crazy-making many of us are experiencing. The goal, of course, is to find a greater sense of the abundant life that Jesus promises. For those of you who haven't seen the it, this video below represents the life that is both redlining and unbalanced, and what eventually happens. (Obviously, you can't see this when listening to the message MP3.)

I had more to say yesterday about this topic that I will share over the next few days here on my blog. However, as promised, here are some books that are helping me as I, too, am seeking more balance and rhythm to life.

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