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Embarking Blog

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Tom Elenbaas

The bitter winter bites

at my cheeks

and the puddle at the end

of my driveway that never

goes away is now frozen.

Each tiny water droplet slides


the roof

and slithers


its icy counterpart

until the two are one.

And I notice I’m losing

heat from my house.

I sometimes come out


just to be cold

so I can go back inside

and warm up again, feeling

the tingly feeling in my toes

when the feeling comes back.

Winter sticks to my


when I drive and I know

that I have to fill

the washer fluid

because I can no


see the road.

Sometimes life is like winter.

It accosts me without

my invitation

or understanding

and I wait

because I know

that spring will come,

not because I did anything

but because that’s how it works.

Winter and the world

play games we don’t


so we stand

under their

desire to control us.

Snow melts eventually

and winter is gone

until the next one.

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