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two rivers


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"Saint Teresa [of Avila, not Mother Theresa]... when she was an old woman - very much a woman of prayer, and a very busy woman, hurrying about Spain reforming the men as only a woman can -- she said in effect that she experienced her life as if it were two rivers: one river was constantly flowing into God; the other, into all those business affairs.  And yet the two rivers were one river."  --M. Basil Pennington, "Centering Prayer," p. 69

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being prayer


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"In a delightful yet profound article, The Man Who Was the Lord's Prayer, Father Ed Hays writes:   'To learn how to pray is not to learn new poetic words... To learn to pray is not to learn some method.  It is to know who you are and to be who you are supposed to be!  You are prayer.  You are a special and sacred word of God made flesh.  To pronounce your own unique word is to pray the most beautiful - if not the holiest - of prayers."  --M. Basil Pennington, "Centering Prayer," p. 51

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