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Future Communication of the Gospel


I heard this recently in a video short from The Fermi Project called "Sacred Spaces" with Clint Kemp, a pastor and environmentalist from the Bahamas.   It rung some bells for me.  During the interview, this question came up:

Is it possible that social justice and environmental justice are the ways that the gospel will be communicated in a coming age? 

The idea here is not that the Gospel itself is less important, or that helping people to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ is unimportant or less important, but that what and how we communicate to the world either helps or hinders in that communication.  They didn't get into this kind of thinking in the interview, but it's something I've thought about for awhile, and it gets to a previous post I made on the UnChristian which is dealing with whether or not the Gospel or our faith is being rejected, or whether it is us ourselves that are being rejected. 

For me, at the heart of what is being communicated in the UnChristian, and even in this interview with Kemp is that the Gospel is really supposed to be utterly transformative of our lives.  We know it, and so do others.  We communicate that pretty well - God wants to transform you.  God wants to do a new thing.  God wants to bring resurrecdtion, blessing, goodness, justice, peace, harmony, and beauty.  But what we don't seem to do all that well is display that  Why?  Maybe because we ourselves have not been significantly enough transformed to show it?  Or maybe we have, but we don't show it.  Or maybe we really haven't understand that depth, width, height, and breadth of the transformation of the gospel renewal and we have limited it to some pretty tight boundaries.  I have a lot more to write on this idea, and I'll spend a couple of posts talking about it, including some more from the UnChristian book as as McLaren's book (which I know I haven't talked much about).  His book is really about a frustration with this whole idea as well. 

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