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Caring for the Poor


There is an excellent article posted on-line at the Evangelicals for Social Action website called Why and How Christians Should Care For Poor Children that is from a book called Hope for Children in Poverty: Profiles and Possibilities, edited by Ronald J. Sider and Heidi Unruh (Judson Press, 2007).  The article looks at the biblical mandate to care for the poor and disempowered and what is often called "God's preferential option for the poor."  I particularly like the 7 broad pathways of action offered in response to poverty:

  1. Practice hospitality; live in solidarity.
  2. Share resources.
  3. Empower self-sufficiency.
  4. Invest in development.
  5. Promote justice.
  6. Break the cycle of poverty.
  7. Share good news with the poor.

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