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Grand Rapids -> Washington -> Frankfurt -> Addis Ababa


My wife Trista, TJ Cumings, Mark Pellingra, and I are all sitting in the Frankfurt airport awaiting our connecting flight to Awassa. We just spent about 9 hours flying over the Atlantic from Washington, DC. You can see some of my pictures from the flight here and the airport here in Frankfurt.

We’re excited anticipating connecting with other Compassion International Staff and people from churches around the country as we visit Addis Ababa and Awassa in Ethiopia. We’ll be visiting the Compassion country office in Ethiopia, Child Development Programs, see Child Survival programs in progress, Complimentary Interventions, and visit our partner church – the Mulu Wongel Church in Awassa. 

What I’m most excited about it meeting Mekdes and Zenabu – the two kids we sponsor, and Ashenafi – who is sponsored by South Harbor Kids. I’ve got a bunch of soccer balls  and team jerseys (thanks Hudsonville High Athletic program) and hope to possibly get a game going.

Please pray for us as we enter one of the poorest countries in the world and meet some of the most amazing people in the world, particularly children who are so deeply loved by their heavenly Father.

We don’t know what our connectivity will be in Ethiopia, but if we have it, I’ll try to share some of our journey here.

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