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Fresh Roasted Ethiopian Sodamo, not Starbucks Ethiopian Sidamo


We had an amazing coffee ceremony. Those of you who know me know that I love coffee. Ethiopian Sodamo is a great one at Starbucks, but nothing compares to what I had today. Here, one of the ways they greet guests is through a coffee ceremony. While we were meeting and getting acquainted, a couple of the women were roasting coffee over a small urn with a little charcoal in it. Then, when the beans were roasted, they would pulverize the beans by hand with a kind of mortar and pestle, and then finally brew the coffee in a special pot over the fire. The coffee is served in small porcelain cups, and was like an espresso, only the flavor was much deeper and richer. They also served us a mixture of roasted barley and peanuts, which I actually really liked as well. Trista even tried coffee… although she’s still not converted.

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