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Complimentary Interventions Sadamo Guenet Church


So, Compassion has Child Survival Programs (CSP) like the one I mentioned above, they have Child Development Sponsorship Programs (CDSP) – which we’ll visit the next couple of days and then again with our partner church in Awassa next week, Leadership Development Programs (LDP) – some of the students of which we meet with on Friday, and then Complimentary Interventions (CIV). Complimentary Interventions are special projects that Compassion does for a community around a particular need. When I say, “Compassion does” that really means someone like you and me or our church taking on a one-time project that will make a difference in the lives of the people in the community. These could be digging a well, intervention for HIV/ AIDS, an income generating project, a library or resource center, toilets, etc.

In Sadamo, we saw at least two Complimentary Interventions. The first was a well (see photo below) so that the community would have clean water. The leaders mentioned to us that offering a clean cup of water in Jesus’ name is often one of the first steps to people encountering grace and the gospel. Water is so critical in the third world, and it’s amazing how little access so many people have to clean water. The second was an income generating activity that was started and run by the mothers in the Child Survival Program at the Sadama Guenet Church. They started with 140 chickens and have now grown them to 250. The women each work in pairs 2 a day caring for the chickens. The chickens provide food - including the important protein - for these others and their children, but they also provide an income in the local community. This is a very practical way that Compassion is living out its commitment to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. They are holistically caring for people. They help them learn trades and gain skills (note the sewing machines below). In fact, that’s what’s been so powerful is that Compassion is really church based. They are really about people and not programs. They are truly focused on the life of children. And they are seeking to transform people by transforming the next generation and then transforming communities and eventually a whole nation. This is a long haul commitment and requires focusing holistically on each person - developmentally, physically, psycho-socially, emotionally, economically, academically, and spiritually. We’ve see so many sides of this. Clean water. Basic parenting skills. Schooling. Income generation and mentoring. All this is done through indigenous leaders, as well, people like A’senaketch who I mentioned in an earlier post who was raised as a Compassion child and is now the trained nurse doing home visits. 

By the way, if you look at the pictures below, you’ll notice the eggs stacked up in the playroom.

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