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Children at Lideta


One of the Child Development Sponsorship Programs we visited was the International Lutheran Church in Lideta. This visit was so much fun. We were able to play with the kids in the playground for a long time. I played a game of soccer with the little boys, and every time we scored, we would cheer. When a boy would throw the ball from out of bounds (which was hard to tell where those boundaries were), one of the children would “head” the ball. One time, I headed the ball, and from that time on, every time the ball was thrown from out of bounds it was thrown so I could head it! The boys were like little buddies of mine, following me around every where I went.

Trista was with the kids by the slide, having a great time as the slid down, giving her high-fives over and over and over and over again. There were a couple children that were particularly warming to her heart. One was a little girl of about 6 years old who was continuously caring for her little sister of about 3. They finally had to drag us away because we were keeping the kids from their schooling.

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