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Thin-Slicing is dangerous... or not


Gladwell engages the idea that thin-slicing can be dangerous. Sure, it can. Snap judgments, because they take place "behind a locked door" [p. 51] of the unconscious can be of concern. I think that Gladwell's idea is that we hone this skill, that we learn to trust our instincts more and more. He says this:

It's one thing to acknowledge the enormous power of snap judgments and thin slices but quite another to place our trust in something so seemingly mysterious. [p. 51]

I'll go a step further and say that there is a transcendent element that Gladwell misses. This isn't just our high functioning subconscious at work. It's more than that. Those who are followers of Jesus will remember his prayers before death, reminding his followers that he would send them another one to lead them. Only this time it would not be a person in the flesh and blood, but a spirit that would dwell in their hearts with whom they would be able to communicate. This Spirit would lead them, guide them, teach them, and help them to discern good and evil. Might this "behind the locked door" thin-slicing and snap judgments be more than the subconscious working, and instead be a combination of our high-level functioning combined with the spiritual connection with this spirit of Jesus?

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