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I Never Would Have Tried


Possibility thinking. It is something that as adults, we forget too often. We are so tied to success and to keeping up appearances, to not looking foolish or frivolous that instead we shirk from the challenge, drop back from the possibility, and say "can't" before we say, "I'll try." I so wish that I could remove the word word "can't" from my own vocabulary and the vocabulary of those around me - including even my children. Even more than that, I wish that I could drop the insecurities, the deep-seated fears, the worrisome calculations that cause me to do more risk-assessment than possibility thinking. Here's an awesome paragraph from an old sage in the imaginative possibility thinking world:

Sometimes I wonder if "common sense" is another way of saying "fear." And "fear" too often spells failure. In the lexicon of youth there is no such word as "fail." Remember the story about the boy who wanted to march in the circus parade? When the show came to town, the bandmaster needed a trombonist, so the boy signed up. He hadn't marched a block before the fearful noises from his horn caused two old ladies to faint and a horse to run away. The bandmaster demanded, "Why didn't you tell me you couldn't play the trombone?" And the boy said, "How did I know? I never tried before!" - Walt Disney

Jesus said that in him all things are possible and that we are able to do more than we can imagine. Well, I can imagine a lot. It's pretty powerful when we remember that he is the one who was there when long-necked giraffes were spoken into existence, when rhino's and hippos were designed, when stars were flung into space and a butterfly first lit upon a flower. It takes the faith of a child who imagines herself as a doctor, an astronaut, a lion tamer - a faith I rarely have. "All things are possible." Funny... I never would have tried if I didn't believe it might be possible...

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