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Eminem, Sacraments, and Poetry IV


At base level, I think it comes down to a kind of artful honesty and self-awareness. This isn't the kind of self-awareness that comes as a result of determined introspection through the help of a therapist (although that's extremely helpful), which is often filtered too much through the mind. Instead, it's a kind of honesty and self-awareness that comes through a posture of openness in the heart which responds to some deep resonance that goes into the deep core of who we are and results in spontaneously deliberate expression. Let me say a bit about that "deep core of who we are." I think that has several parts. The first, and probably most immediate part is who we are in terms of our history of experiences in the midst of certain cultural, social, and environmental contexts. It is these histories of experience that in so many ways inform and shape who we are in relationship to the rest of the world around us. The second goes even further down and out. The second resonance is who we are as we connect to the realities of creation, the fall of creation, death, resurrection, recreation, and consummation. This is the reality that CS Lewis was talking about that I mentioned in an earlier blog. It is that place where our heart and soul begin to dance to the song of creation or wince at the simultaneous song of destruction. We live between these songs, both playing beneath the everyday realities of our lives and we respond to them as with every experience rooted in them. We resonate with the beauty of a simply painted fall leaf falling gracefully and perfectly from a maple tree in our yard. Something in us responds to that beauty. And we wince at the simple, destructive words spoken between two children on a playground. Why? Because our history of experiences relate profoundly with that greater story of creation, fall, and redemption.

So, this is where the poetics of life and expression begin to border on the sacramental. Back to Eminem in the next post.

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