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Worth Pondering


One of the writers I love to read is Malcolm Muggeridge.  I'm not sure why, but his combination of journalism, seeking after God, his transformation to Christ, his keen political eye, and his incredible experiences make for interesting reading that - for me - leads to worthwhile pondering.  Here is a quote from the introduction to The Third Testament, which was original a TV series, I think for the BBC.

Considering [Saint Augustine, Blaise Pascal, William Blake, Søren Kierkegaard, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy and Dietrich Bonhoeffer] as a group, it became clear to me that, although they were all quintessentially men of their time, they had a special role in common, which was none other than to relate their time to eternity. This has to be done every so often; otherwise, when the lure of self-sufficiency proves too strong, or despair too overwhelming, we forget that men need to be called back to God to rediscover humility and with it, hope… Between the fantasies of the ego and the truth of love, between the darkness of the will and the light of the imagination, there will always be the need for a bridge and a prophetic voice calling on us to cross it.

Those are the kinds of sentences I long for in books I read today, and can't seem to find that often. I find the challenge of a phrase like "relate their time to eternity" throws me off balance for awhile and makes me think deeply about my own life and how my actions, words, and thoughts relate to the eternity that God has set before.  What conviction comes when you read a phrase like, and realize that the lure of self-sufficiency has grown strong, or maybe said differently, the lure of the illusion of self-sufficiency.  How many times have we seen throughout history those who have had to discover or rediscover humility?  How many times have we seen the mighty fall to their own failures, or implosion into depression because of unrealized, wrong-headed hopes and dreams?  How true it is that "between the fantasies of the ego and the truth of love, between the darkness of the will and the light of the imagination" we do need a bridge or otherwise we fall headlong into a chasm of self-destruction of our own digging.

Hope.  The prophetic voice calling. The truth of love. The light of the imagination. The rediscovery of humility, reliance, and the power and sufficiency of our God.  These things are worth pondering.

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