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Truth, Beauty, and Resonance


Lines from Gaston Bachelard in  The Poetics of Space: (props to PT Jones)

Poetry is not directly sprung from some causal relationship directly, but as a resonance or reverberation... a feeling of participation in a flowing onward, necessarily expressed in terms of time, and secondarily expressed in terms of space.

...Poetry, rather than being a phenomenology of the mind, is a phenomenology of the soul.

...In resonance we hear the poem, in the reverberations, we speak it, it is our own.

As I think about truth, I've said before that though conceptually, truth is certainly "objective" because God is real, we do not experience truth objectively.  To talk about objective truth is almost a moot point because our feeble minds cannot attain to the fullness of all things.  However, in some strange way we are all existentialists.  We experience reality and we respond to it.  Sometimes our responses are malfunctioning and we respond out of fear, out of anger, out of transference from previous life-scripting.  And sometimes we respond the way we were intended - with delight, with goodness, in purity.  Goodness responds to beauty, peace to integrity, justice to order, and love to love.  What is more compelling to you as a human being, as a real live, flesh clothed person:  rational objective truth, or joyous, exuberant blessing?  Is your understanding of God based on a set of stale propositions and principles about reality, or on a deeply passionate, wonderfully complex, and utterly trustworthy person with whom you resonate? 

I've been thinking about truth for a long time as a person with whom I resonate deep within my soul.  I read the word "correspondence" the other day, and began thinking about my soul's co-respondence with the God of the universe enfleshed in the person of Jesus.  That's how I'm processing the idea of a co-respondence theory of truth (although being a theory quickly depersonalizes it again) as opposed to classic apologetical presuppositionalism or foundationalism.  I like Bachelard's words: a phenomenology of the soul.

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