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South Harbor Church


It's official.

Today we announced in church that I will be the new Campus Pastor at our first site - South Harbor Church.  We're really excited as a whole family about working on a new church start.  God has been in this process as we've prayed about it and He has confirmed over and over again His desires for us.  I'll continue on as the Cultivation Pastor at Fair Haven Ministries, but of course, some things will be changing.  A lot still has to be determined, so we're listening to God and trying to learn as we go.

South Harbor Church will be located on the M6 corridor on the south side of Grand Rapids near the Byron Center exit (click here for a map).  If you're familiar with the new Metro Hospital or the Saint Mary's Southwest you're not far.  The church is located on the south side of M6 just east of Saint Mary's in Byron Township.   This is a wonderful community that is growing quickly and steadily.

If you're from the south side of Grand Rapids, we'd love to have you join us as we launch this new church.  We'll be putting together a launch team by the end of June.  Here's the schedule as we move towards launch:

  • 8.1.10 - Preview Worship Gathering
  • 8.29.10 - Preview Worship Gathering
  • 9.26.10 - Preview Worship Gathering
  • 10.10.10  - Launch of Regular, weekly worship

Let me know if you're interested or know someone who is.

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