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Psalm 94


As a way of praying slowly the prayers and poems to God recorded in the Psalms, as a way of ingesting and personalizing them, as a way of rewording them in a language that causes my own heart to respond, I sometimes rewrite the Psalms.  These are very personal and very close to my heart, so please respect that.  These are not translations.  These are not paraphrases.  Some are closer to the original, and some take wide departures.  These are personal, artistic interpretations that arise through personal reflection.  I hope you enjoy them.  I’ll share some occasionally, and I hope to finish the book of Psalms in the next year.  However, some are too personal to share.  I will share some with you and I hope they may open a window to your heart or soul in some way and connect you more closely to the one to whom they are sung. Psalm 94 (rewritten by TJE)

O Lord, you are the God who avenges. Avenger God, shine brightly! Arise, O Judge of the earth      Bring just desserts to the proud. For how long, O Lord, will you allow      The wicked to rejoice? Arrogant words spew from their mouths, Those who do evil boast about it. They step on your people, O Lord, They keep your possessions under their feet. They slay the widow and the foreigner; They murder the fatherless. They say, “The Lord doesn’t see this;     Jacob’s God doesn’t bother.” Watch out!     You fools without feeling,     When will you wisen up? Can the Creator of the ear not hear? Does the Creator of the eye not watch? Does the nation’s Sentencer not punish? Can the Teacher be without knowledge? The Lord knows our very thoughts,      And their futility. O Lord, blessed is the one you teach      Through the discipline of your Word. To him comes rest from troubling times      Until your justice brings the wicked      To the grave. For the Lord will never turn his back      On his people or leave his possession. Judgment finds its grounding in righteousness      And all the pure in heart will      Seek it, find it, and follow it. Who will arise for me against wickedness? Who will stand up against doers of evil? If the Lord had not come to help me      Very soon I would have lived in death’s silence.

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