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A Vision to Die For


So, I’m sitting with some friends between sessions at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.  We just finished listening to Bill Hybels session a bit ago on “A Vision to Die For.”  He talked about the importance of process when casting a vision in order to create ownership, and that often a vision falls flat when process is neglected.  Important to process, according to Bill in the talk, is the team, or better yet, the community.  The community at various levels (key leaders, key influencers, those who are participants in the community/ congregation/ organization) should be involved in the process of Vision Formation, Vision Refinement, and Vision Declaration.  He spoke from John 10 when Jesus speaks about owners and hirelings, focusing on the idea that we as leaders want to be owners and we want to develop ownership in the people who are a part of making the vision a reality. Often as leaders, because of poor process, we hinder people from becoming owners because we haven’t involved them in the process.  Some of this come because so many of us who are visionary leaders want to move so quickly, and we are so convinced of the vision, that we move forward without involving others, including others, and it’s no wonder we find it hard to mobilizing those same others because we have hindered them from becoming owners of the vision. One of the great challenges that Bill gave was to live faithfully ourselves as owners, not as hirelings.  His challenge here was that those who follow leaders can smell inauthenticity a mile away, that they will not sacrifice themselves if the leader is not willing. One of the questions that we raised afterwards was - when casting vision, when including the community in the vision casting, clarification, refinement, and declaration at all stages - is vision casting and involvement in it enough to move hirelings to owners?  What are some of the keys to moving people out of apathy into passion?

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