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Bono: The church... 3 years later #tls09


These are some of my notes from the eighth session of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

Have you seen any difference 3 years later (since Bill's last interview at the Summity with Bono) in the way the church is responding to global poverty and AIDS?
"As a person who really enjoys going off on the church, you've really ruined it for me."
"We've referred to the church as the sleeping giant, but I didn't realize the giant could run that fast."
"The church is now in the lead, not in the rear."
"In the global village, Africa's down the lane..."
Bill challenged Bono on why he's not more committed to the local church, when he's so passionate about the place of the church.  Bono said he is part of the church, but he probably isn't more committed because of the denominationalism.
"It's not charity... it's something else... it's justice and equality."
It's not ok that a child dies because they can't get a 20 cent immunization.

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