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Chip and Dan Heath: Switch #tls09


These are some of my notes from the seventh session of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

There are changes we choose, and changes that choose us.
Part of us wants to change and part of us like to stat the same.
If you have 9 things in your organization, 2 things that are bad, 5 that are working and 2 that are shining stars...what do you do?
  • Focus, study and replicate the 2 that are stellar
  • Look for the bright spots and find out what's different; throw resources behind those and multiply
When going after big issues, focus on sequences of small solutions and small starts.
"Shrink the change" - Take a large change, and run a micro version; get some small victory.  Then, resource and multiply and go big.
We owe it to people to prepare them for adversity.

Ideo's View of Hope to Confidence

There are people who have the "growth mindset."  They are always thinking that with work, they can become better.  But built into that whole process is a tolerance for failure.
"Failure is not an option" is ridiculous.  It is often through failure that success comes.  It may be an early warning sign for success.
Sometimes we think we have a problem with someone who won't change, or won't accept our ideas.  In this sense, we think we have a "people" problem when we might actually have a "situation" problem.  This is called a fundamental attribution problem.

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