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Bill Hybels & Friends: Hiring, Boards, and Firing #tls09


These are some of my notes from the second session of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

  • Cultural fit is the critical thing
  • Don't make decision out of great place of need
  • First impressions are often wrong
  • Interviews are not a great indicator
  • The people who are the best fit are naturally drawn to the culture of the organization


  • Boards need to have their own set of values and agreements
  • Boards need to spend time together to build trust
  • Take 10 minutes at the end of every meeting to evaluate the meeting
  • Boards need term limits (Willow's are 4 years)
  • NT teaches a need for plurality of leadership

On Firing:

  • True compassion involves honesty and candor
  • Tiring should never be a surprise, never
  • Before firing:  Retrain.  Reassign/Reposition.  Retire.
  • Systems provide clarity, but do not negate the need to be honest
  • The kindest form of managment is the truth
  • Constant feedback results in two things, positive change or individual self selects to leave
  • The kindest form of management is the truth.

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