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Religious Leaders and the G8 Summit


We are using the term
“security” in a new way.the wellbeing of each is related to the wellbeing of others and to our

Had a little time to read tonight the draft of the final call of the IV Summit of Religious Leaders in Rome on June 16 – 17 , 2009 on the occasion of the G8 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy.  Here are some of the highlights of the call to the world's most powerful and richest nations, including of course, the US.

  • We, leaders of the worlds religions and spiritual traditions gathered in Rome on the eve of the G8 Summit of 2009, are united in our common commitment to justice and the protection of human life, the building of the common good and the belief on the divinely established and inviolable dignity of all people from conception to death.
  • In a time of economic crisis when many securities are crumbling, we feel even more acutely the need for spiritual orientation.
  • We are using the term “security” in a new way... the wellbeing of each is related to the wellbeing of others and to our environment.
  • The current financial and economic crisis weighs most heavily upon the poor.
  • In continuity with previous world religious summits we continue to call for the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • ...we call for nations to resist making war a means of international politics and to make every effort to establish a just peace for all.
  • We request the G8 Summit to pursue rigorous implementation of nuclear reduction and nonproliferation policies leading to the goal of total nuclear disarmament.

It is good to see some cooperation between religious leaders, including Christian leaders, continuing to make the call for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, commitment to justice, care for the world's poor, resistance of materialism, a call to seek spiritual answers and orientation, the call for peace and nonviolence, commitment to the Millenium Development Goals, and the value of human life and dignity.  I found it interesting in light of my last post the focus once again upon an understanding of security in terms of "global" security and interdependence rather than merely the security of particular groups and/ or countries.

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