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Invisible Children


Last night my wife and I watched the documentary Invisible Children about the children of Sudanese refugees living in Uganda. It's truly unbelievable what these children are going through. Fear. War. Brain washing. Trained killers. Starvation. It's truly unbelievable. It's even more unbelievable that the US is doing little about it. I've yet to do some real research on this, but my guy instinct says that these kids need help - serious help. When you see what other children around the world are going through and living with, it makes you want to gather your own children up into your arms, love them even more than you've been able to in the past, and then do something for these other children. Sometimes I feel helpless when I see these things and wish that I could do more. I'll do my part, but it will seem like not much. Invisible Children is partnering with other organizations to make a difference in the lives of these children (World Vision, Target, Starbucks, Glue -, mathitis, digitaria, jedidiah, apolis, and bulldog drummond.) If you can't help financially, you can help raise awareness by joining the Global Night Commute to show solidarity and support for change and political involvement.

As we think about our own children, let's not forget the children of war and the lost and exploited children of the world and advocate for those who have few or no advocates.

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