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Christian Education


James KA Smith writes that he's just finished the initial draft of his forthcoming book Desiring the Kingdom: worship, worldview, and Cultural Formation.  As one who originally considered teaching at the university, but ended up in ministry on the campus for several years (no more), and as one who cares much about the concepts surrounding cultural formation and transformation, I really like what Smith has to say in this paragraph from his blog:

I'm pressing the limits, even distortions, that attend "worldview"-talk which tends to now dominate Christian higher education. Such worldviewism, I suggest, continues to reduce Christianity to an intellectual system that can be grapsed apart from the church and is then "taught" as information to be merely transferred from one head to another. In contrast, I argue that Christian discipleship is a matter of formation, not mereinformation--and that "Christian" education should be fundamentally a matter of shaping our love, our desire, to be oriented to the shape of the kingdom of God. And such formation happens not primarily via the heady, cognitive "lectures" (whether in our Protestant sermon factories or our Christian college classrooms) but through embodied practices that seep into our imagination and get hold of our gut, our heart, our kardia.

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