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Fathers & Cycles


To continue the theme, I want to bring back a poem that I found when my daughter was born. It hit me hard for the same reasons I talk about in my last post - stopping or perpuating the cycles of generational sin. But the beauty of this poem is that it injects not only grace, but also the strange economy of God's sovereignty in which, because of his grace and mercy, we do not always see the consequences that we deserve. Good thing, too.

Lord, I find the genealogy of my Saviour strangely checkered with Four remarkable changes in four Generations.Rehoboam begat Abia: A bad father begat a bad son. Abia begat Asa: A bad father and a good son. Asa begat Jehosaphat: A good father and a good son. Jehosaphat begat Joram: A good father and a bad son.

I see, Lord, from hence, that my father's piety cannot be entailed; That is bad news for me. But I see also that actual impiety is not hereditary; That is good news for my son.

--Thomas Fuller (1608-1661)

I would say that I have to disagree a little bit with fuller, and I would say "impiety is not [necessarily] hereditary" because it often is.

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