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Gum, Geckos, and God blog Tour


Gum, Geckos, and GodGum, Geckos, and God, is going on a book blog tour this summer!  The blog tour features 13 blogs and 15 bloggers on 12 posting dates. I've been asked to participate on August 4th, and am looking forward to it. Check out these other sites during the tour and then come back here on the 4th for - hopefully - some good interaction.  (Check out my other previous posts about this here: Walmart Bathroom Theology, Camp & Questions Below is the schedule for this blog tour:

July 21 - Spunky Homeschool July 22  - Beauty from the Heart July 23 - At a Hen’s Pace July 24 - A Holy Experience July 25 - Family Voice July 28 - Ted Wins July 29 - In a Mirror Dimly July 30 - Oversight of Souls July 31 - Christians in Context August 1 - The A-Team Blog August 4 - Embarking August 5 -

For more details on the book, click here.

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