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Tribute to a Church 3


So I arrive at the church sometime after midnight.  I'm just going to run in, unplug the pump, and head home. URC has these large doors as an entrance... probably 12 foot high.  I work my key in the lock, open the large doors, and lock the door behind me.  Why?  Because it's after midnight, and truth be told, my wife's words haunt me a little bit.  I step into the small foyer that at this time of night is a little eery.  The foyer was built to have the feel of an outdoor patio with a brick floower, a skylight in the ceiling, and thin vertical windows letting in the surreal night light from the moon.  I didn't turn on the light, because I could see faintly enough and didn't want to draw attenion that I was in the church this late at night.  I'm usually comfortable and not afraid of the dark, and I had actually been in the church many times at night. 

So, I step into the foyer.   The stairs to the basement are on my right.  For whatever reason, I glance to the left, which is the direction of the sanctuary, stairs up to the balcony, and an old couch.  As my eyes adjust to the faint darkness, I think I see something.  Or someone.  Yes, sure enough, there is something or someone on the couch!  Now, my heart begins to race and the words my wife had spoken 20 minutes before came rushing back into my head, "It's after midnight.  What if someone is in there?" and my retort about how ridiculous that was.

I carefully walk over to the lump on the couch.  My words sound so loud in the quiet of the night church, "Hello?"  Nothing.  "Hello."  The person is sleeping.  I reach down to wake him or her up with a slight touch and shake.  Of course, he jumps with a startle, and I jump because of the built up anxiety. 

So it's after midnight and I'm standing in the dark in the church with a startled stranger.

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