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Tribute to a Church 2


Fall 2003... a Saturday in late November.  We had a work-project around the church that we would generally have two or three times a year to clean up leaves, plant new plants or dig up old ones, clean, paint, cut down branches, etc.   If you look at the picture on the last post, you'll see what looks like a railing at the bottom of the building.  That was about 4 foot high (which gives you a scope of the size of the building). On the other side of that railing was a stairway leading down to the basement.  On of our members was down there that day and cleaned out a bunch of leaves that had collected and had been clogging a  drain.  Little did we know that in a huge down-pour a few weeks later those drains would - for the first time in awhile - send a large amount of water down under the church and into the sump hole where there were two sump-pumps to pump out the water.  The problem was, those sump pumps were both frozen up and not pumping at all.  So... the water began to rise and before we knew it, the basement was flooding with water.  I happened to have a large water pump sitting in my garage at the time, so I called my friend Nate, and he and hooked it up to a hose and began draining the water up and outside.  We left for the day, letting the pump do it's long labor of love. 

Bedtime - midnight that night.  I'm climbing into bed, and suddenly I realize that the pump is still pumping!  I figure that by now, the water will be drained down, the pump would be sucking air, and could potentially burn up, ruining my pump.  I share this with my wife, telling her I need to head back to church.  Not happy, of course, because this would mean her tossing and turning until I returned, she says, "It's after midnight.  What if someone is in there?"  Of course I immediately responded about how ridiculous and paranoid that was and how no one could get in the church, etc. and that I would be fine.  I didn't know then what a friend often says to me now, "I've heard the Holy Spirit speaking, and he sounds very much like my wife."

I got dressed, jumped in my car, and drove off to church. 

To be continued...

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