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The Future of Evangelicalism 8


Henry Blackaby says this in his book Spiritual Leadership [p. 115-116]:

It has been the thinkers who have exerted the longest-lasting influence on world history.  In fact, the timeline of history can be divided according to the emergence of leaders who envisioned reality differently than people had previously understood it.

Personally, for a long time I've been very encouraged by some changes that have been afoot in the church.  I've been touching on some of these, but there's way too much to write about, so I'll just smatter as best I can as we go.  I'm encouraged, though, by things like new leaders taking postmodernity seriously (both philosophical and cultural), thinking of new ways of being church in the world (including new forms, and expressions), the rediscovery of artistic expression not just for utilitarian or consumeristic reasons but for the sake of beauty, personal, and communal expression, the move away from individual faith and into a more holistic community oriented faith, from propositional truth to a relational understanding embedded in Trinitarian theology, and much, much more.

I'm trying to begin to get some things out in this blog that are just so full and wonderful and exciting within my own head and heart as I make connections across denominations, across cultures, across history, and across political divides.  The verse that was so important in my own conversion and helped me to make sense of the center in a dececentralized reality was Colossians 1:17 - He is before all things and in him all things hold together."  All things.  All things.  Everything.  So the connections for me in leadership, art, culture, the emerging church, history, philosophy, the gospel, missiology, and culture are overwhelming. 

And here is what is exciting to me in terms of the Blackaby quote above: There are many thinkers - from theologians to church planters to middle school kids to new 3rd world Christians right now who are envisioning a bold new reality.  These are people who are taking seriously the Scriptures and the Kingdom of God and are emboldened to embark upon lives that go after that new reality with powerful abandon.  That gets me excited.

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