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Psalm 92, altered


Psalm 92, alteredOctober 17, 2001

It is a good thing      To give praise to the Lord      To make music to your Name, O Most High God!      To proclaim your love in the morning      To proclaim your faithfulness at night to the music of the strings. For You bring gladness by what you do.

O Lord, I sing with joy at the work of your hands! Your works are great, O Lord! Your thoughts, profound!

Those who are senseless don’t know you      And the foolish cannot understand you. Though evil comes out of nowhere and seems to flourish      Evil will forever be destroyed.

But you, O Lord, you are exalted forever! And those who love you – the righteous –       They, too, will flourish!      They will flourish like a palm      They will grow like a mighty cedar, planted in the house of the Lord.      They will bear good fruit even in old age.      They will stay fresh, and green.           And they will proclaim           “The Lord is sturdy and straight!           He is as solid as a rock!           There is no darkness in him!”

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