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Psalm 91, altered


Psalm 91, alteredOctober 16, 2001

If you dwell in the shelter of the Most High You will rest beneath the Shadow of the Almighty.

Say to the Lord,      “You are my place of refuge      and my fortress of strength,      my God – I will trust in you!”

Without a doubt he will save you from traps And from deadly attacks on your health (spiritual, emotional, and physical). He will cover you with protection like a mother bird with her feathers. Under his wings you will find safety. His devotion to you will be your pillar.

You won’t need to fear the terrors of the darkness Or the destruction that surprises in the day. Others may fall, but you will be safe. You will see it, but it will not touch you And the wicked will fall and perish.

If you dwell in the shelter of the Most High, the Lord, who is my refuge, then harm will not find you, The place in which you dwell will be spared.

For he will send his angels for you to watch over you in all you do. They will cradle you in their arms, so that not even your feet are harmed. You will trample the things that threaten to harm you.

The Lord says,      “Because you love me,      I will protect you,      Because you call out my name.      If you cry out to me, I will answer.      I will be with you when life is difficult.      I will bring you through the deep waters.      I will bring you to a place of honor.      I will bring you a life of satisfaction.      I will show you my ability to save you.”

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