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Fill The Sky


So, Louis is responsible for putting me on to Oasis. I'm not going to tell him, though, just to see if he reads this. Check out these lyrics to Let There Be Love:

Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens would cry over me?

Who stole the soul from the sun in a world come undone at the seams? Let there be loveI hope the weather is calm as you sail up your heavenly stream Suspended clear in the sky are the words that we sing in our dreams Let there be love

Come on Baby Blue Shake up your tired eyes The world is waiting for you May all your dreaming fill the empty sky But if it makes you happy Keep on clapping Just remember Ill be by your side And if you dont let go its gonna pass you by

I'm particularly fond of the imagery of the sky being filled with the words we sing in our dreams. Ok, redundancy, but here we go again. When our hearts resonate with the deep love that undergirds the universe, then our dreams reveal the longing in our hearts for the restoration of all that love gives. Then, the cry from the second verse, "The world is waiting for you/ may all your dreaming fill the empty sky..." Yup. The world is waiting for you. Yes, you. To sing the song of love, the song of creation. The world is waiting. What are you waiting for? (ooh... that even convicted me.)

Let there be love.

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