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Grand Rapids, MI


Church Multiplication

Multiplying churches is a passion... or maybe a kind of obsession of mine. I'm thinking every day about church multiplication and have not only studied church planting extensively, but have some significant personal experience I'd love to share. We've had to work on everything from developing an 8 stage launch process for new churches to a process of evaluating potential church planters and campus pastors. We've also developed a leadership development pipeline to raise up future church planters and key staff for new church starts. We can also point you to key resources including books, studies, coaching, conferences, and other resources. We also offer monthly individual coaching sessions with a limited number of individuals, network coaching with other peers, and onsite coaching and interaction with key staff and leadership boards.


Multisite Church

According to many folks, multisite is an effective way doing church in the 21st century primarily because it capitalizes on shared resources, built in collaboration and collegiality among leaders, a high level of accountability, and application of best practices across networks. However, multisite is also tricky, with dotted lines of influence alongside solid lines or responsibility, rapid innovation alongside stable structures, the importance of leadership pipelines, and central support alongside campus leadership. We have worked with folks like Leadership Network, New Thing Network, Velocity Coaching, and worked within the structures of the oldest denomination in the country, the Reformed Church in America to make the transition from one 50 year old church in one location with two services to one church with 9 services in 4 locations with several more on the way. 

Leadership Development

So much rises and falls on leadership. One of the things I've learned over the years is how important my own leadership development and constant growth in leadership matters. I'm constantly reading, being coached, and learning from the best people I can. I'm trying to learn from multiple disciplines including businesses, churches, the social sector, studies in innovation, and more. You can certainly create your own learning environment and curriculum, or you can let me do the work for you and save you time and money in the process by curating some of the best in leadership and personal growth. Increase your productivity, leadership ability, emotional intelligence, and personal character by joining me for monthly coaching or network coaching with peers.

Carver Governance

Carver Policy Governance is a model for Board oversight and staff leadership and management through a single accountable leader. In the non-church world, this would be the CEO, but also works well when applied to a Lead Pastor or non-profit ministry Director who is governed by a Board of Elders or Trustees. The Lead Pastor is given organizational ends to pursue within boundaries (called Executive Limitations). This gives a high level of accountability with a high level of freedom, resulting in a high level of desired outcome.  Too often, in church settings, the Board can move into management or move around the Lead Pastor to staff or even volunteers through committees or through the power of board membership. This can inhibit both the Pastor's ability to lead and also the Board's ability to hold the pastor accountable. Learn about how Carver could be used in your setting and get help transitioning or just starting from scratch with a new church or non-profit.