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Luminex Blog: The Self-Aware Leader

One of the most important qualities of a high-performing, healthy leader is self-awareness.

The longer I've been in ministry, the more I've learned about the importance of self-awareness. We humans have a profound propensity to self-deception. In other words, we fool ourselves.

In truth, facing our weaknesses, our sins, our short-comings, our failures, and our unintended impact is incredibly difficult. In fact, writing that sentence stresses me out! It's no wonder Bren√© Brown has become such a hit with her teachings on shame.

Taking the journey of self-awareness is an important journey for leaders.

However, it is difficult to change something we are unaware of. Ask yourself how many leaders you know who exhibit a glaring personality fault or character flaw that everyone around them seems to see, but they appear to be unaware of?

Is it possible that those around you and I would be able to answer that question about us?

Here are a few suggestions for becoming a more self-aware leader...

India - light and hope

The oppressive and inhuman realities of Karma, Darma, Moksha, and Samsara are overwhelming when seen in their most expressive forms religiously. However, that is not all I am experiencing here. In the midst of this great darkness shines a great light.

India - the Ganges, darkness, and hope

Our visit to the Ganges was memorable... but not in a good way. This is the spiritually darkest place that I have ever been in my life, a place where death hangs heavy in the air, hopelessness seems to rise like fog from the river, and where joy is seemingly sucked into a deep black hole.  

The Golden Rule [in context]

We saw 50 people killed in the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando; the shooting of Philando Castille in Minnesota; the killing of Anton Sterling in Baton Rouge; the shooting of 11 officers in Dallas ending in 5 deaths; and this doesn't even include the many unreported shootings throughout our country in the past month. Is it possible that the Jesus way is actually THE way forward? Is it possible that, as GK Chesterton says, "The Christian faith has not been found tried and wanting, it has been found difficult and untried."

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