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I do consulting in a number of areas: Church Multiplication, Multisite Churches, Carver Policy Governance®, Leadership, and Results-Based Conversations. I also do individual coaching in person or via video. I would love to spend time with you or your team and help you to move to the next steps in your impact. Click here for more information.

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Happy Negatives

This Christmas, my wife bought me a wonderful book called Notes from a Public Typewriter. It’s a book that came about quite literally from notes that people like you and I typed on an old typewriter in this bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor called Literati, our former hometown. We used to frequent used bookstores, and I have a strange fondness for a good used bookstore.

Leonardo: Sfumato

The word "sfumato" is an artist’s term. It comes from the Italian language and is derived from "fumo" (smokefume). In English, it means that something is blurry, vague, or even softened. When you look at the world, your eye naturally does the work of sfumato… Which brings me to both theology and the church.

Uncomfortable Lyrics - Oceans

Many of us have been blessed by the power of the worship song Oceans. I like the song. Like actual ocean waves and tides, the music swells and catches us up in its movement. It has a certain mystical mesmerizing quality to it that modern worship songs have, drawing us in, lifting us up, connecting at deeper levels than we realize.

Luminex Blog: The Self-Aware Leader

One of the most important qualities of a high-performing, healthy leader is self-awareness…

Taking the journey of self-awareness is an important journey for leaders…

Here are a few suggestions for becoming a more self-aware leader...

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